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Bottle-top Dispensers > Pipette Controllers and Bottle-top Dispensers

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– Dispensing directly from the supply bottle


– Easy-to-adjust calibration mechanism


– Fully autoclavable at 121˚C, 2 bar, 20 minutes


– Accuracy of delivery within ± 0.3%


– Chemically resistant fluid pathway


– Anti-drip precision valve mechanism ensures easy priming and minimum waste with no leakage back into the reservoir

– Easy-to-use volume adjustment for reproducible dispensing

– Unlike other bottle-top dispensers, Prospenser’s glass barrel can be disassembled from the pedestal for thorough cleaning

– Wide range of adapters included to fit the most common bottle sizes

– Optional dispense tube extension allows fast and safe dispensing even into narrow tubes

– Manufactured to ISO9002 standards, each unit is supplied with an individual calibration certificate 




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