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Compact and Convenient

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Compact and Convenient

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New Tip Packaging Concept for Enhanced Usability of Bulk Tips

The FlexiBulk concept is a completely new approach to packing tips - something that has not been seen on the market before. This pack combines the low cost of bulk tips with saving space, improving usability and securing tip purity. Compared to traditional bulk packages, the stacked tip configuration offers you the following advantages:

  •   - Reduces up to 40% on pack volume
  •   - Cuts packaging waste by nearly 50%
  •   - Provides quick “pick & place” convenience for loading tips into tip racks or attachment to pipettes right out of the pack
  •   - Ensures tip purity with lot-specific certificates

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Read more: http://www.sartorius.com/en/flexibulk/#ixzz3VOSDbKsV 


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